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Variability among cultural organizations’ programs is significant—programs can range from simple one-time presentations, to multiple-year programs with a constant audience, to multiple-year programs with several organizational partners and a continually changing audience. RK&A has conducted program evaluations of all types, often designing multipart studies to address complex situations. Sometimes these evaluations examine the outcomes of a program against the program’s intended outcomes; sometimes program evaluation also includes a process evaluation, which examines interrelationships among all the collaborators.

RK&A Case Study

Arts 101 School Program

A formative evaluation of an arts program

Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Program evaluation almost always entails several data collection methods such as questionnaires, open-ended interviews, group discussions, and observations. Analyzing data from multiple methods, or triangulation, is an important strategy for strengthening a study design since each method reveals different aspects of a visitor’s experience. Data are collected at the end of a program for one-time programs and at established intervals during multiple-year programs. When program teams identify long-term outcomes, we contact participants several months after their program experience.

We recently conducted program evaluations for the following organizations. For a complete list of RK&A planning, evaluation, and research projects, please see All RK&A Clients.

Science Museum of Virginia, Richmond, VA

Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Harvard Art Museum, Cambridge, MA

National Center for Science and Civic Engagement (SENCER), Washington, DC

The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR

For additional information or to get started on a program evaluation, please see Getting Started.

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