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Describing Our Work

Our services include planning, audience research, educational research, exhibition evaluation, program evaluation, and capacity building. We tailor our work to meet the unique needs of each client, while upholding our commitment to rigor and building a strong partnership.

RK&A Approach

The platform for our work is the Cycle of Intentional Practice. To learn more about the Cycle of Intentional Practice, please see our Planning for Impact workshops brochure.

Cycle of Intentional Practice

We ask questions to seek clarity.

We recognize the distinctive qualities of each organization, and we work with our clients to clarify impact-based outcomes. We use inquiry to help staff identify goals and custom-design responsive evaluation plans and organizational development projects accordingly.

We uphold high-quality standards.

We uphold high-quality standards in all our planning, evaluation, and research processes. We are well-versed in all evaluation and research methods, and we use those methods to conduct rigorous research.

We work with our colleagues to improve their practices.

We build a partnership with our clients. We work together to provide relevant recommendations to guide practitioners in improving their practice to achieve their organization's intended impact.

If you have specific questions regarding our services please call 703 548 4078 or email info@randikorn.com

If you have questions regarding our services or are interested in getting started with an evaluation or research project, please see Getting Started.

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